CRSSA is a private, family-oriented shooting facility.
Our focus is safety and education through recreation.
The site includes ranges from 10 meters up to 100 yards with multiple firing points.
We offer conventional and practical shooting matches.

We also have tactical and international-style competitions for adults and youth. However, certain shooting options could have limitations of availability.

CRSSA Meet The Owners

Our owners Nathan and Heidi Hendrix established the range in 1998.
Nathan’s late brother, Stephen L. Hendrix, and family friend, Mr. Stan Wigginton, were two of the driving forces who influenced the development of Cross Roads Sport Shooting Association.
Nathan & Heidi have since become NRA/ 4-H Rifle and Pistol Instructors while Nathan maintains credentials in USAS/NRA/CMP coaching in rifle & pistol. Both are also competitive shooters.

Over the past 25 years they have trained and developed junior shooters who have earned college scholarships, earned spots on Olympic Development teams, won NCAA National Champions, NRA All-American, and more.


First time to visit CRSSA? We require initial appointment to meet with you.

Before you visit, know the rules. You are responsible for reading & understanding the range rules.

All members, guests, and spectators are required to sign a waiver. Children under 18 must be accompanied by guardian or parent.

  • Parking available on the hill. Do not block driveways
  • No driving on the ranges
  • Bathroom facilities available
  • Most shooting areas are under covered shed
  • A 25 yard blackboard / bullet impact area set up for sighting & general use. (no shotgun)
  • 10 meter distance for air rifle & pistol
  • 50 meters are for small-bore rifle
  • Miscellaneous bays are used for practical pistol
  • Steel plate pistol bay. No magnums, rifles, buckshot or slugs.

We accommodate high power rifles and rifle sight-in at 100 yards

Want to shoot a shotgun? Contact us for more info.