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United States Practical Pistol Association (USPSA)

USPSA, “Practical shooting is a sport that evolved from experimentation with hand guns used for self-defense. Learn about the sport and its history www.uspsa.org”. CRSSA offers 3 PISTOL matches every month.

2nd SUNDAY (at 1:00 PM) $10 Reserved for USPSA monthly pistol matches with an optional RIFLE side-match (no extra charge)

3rd SATURDAY (at 9:00 AM) $10 Reserved for USPSA monthly pistol matches. PISTOL only

4th SUNDAY(1:00 PM) $5 Reserved for steel plates-using USPSA rules with an optional SHOTGUN side-match (no extra charge)

USPSA Results
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Times and dates are subject to cancellations due to weather. Check "Schedule", call or e-mail for updates.

Membership to USPSA is not required to shoot a match, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

You do not have to be a member of a club to shoot in USPSA matches. Come early enough to register. Please bring water.

NEW SHOOTERS WELCOME! If you have never done this before, you will be certain to have a good time! We have helpful range officers that are happy to introduce you to and walk you through this game.


CRSSA USPSA matches are operated on a "COLD RANGE". This means that you may holster your unloaded firearm at a designated SAFE AREA on the range (please ask Range Officer), or may keep your pistol cased until you are on the firing line. You may load your magazines/clips but may NOT put the magazine/clip in your gun. NO AMMUNITION IS ALLOWED at the SAFE AREAS. ALL shooters and guests MUST keep gun unloaded AND holstered at all times until Range Officer allows you to do otherwise.