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Steel Pistol Challenge

A type of practical pistol shooting that we offer is "STEEL". Competitors shoot at steel plates that swing or fall and will count as “hit” or “miss” for a timed score. (No magnum loads, please).

The STEEL matches are held on the FOURTH SUNDAY of each month and are not USPSA registered. However, we use USPSA Rules. You do not have to be a member of any organization or club to shoot. Matches start at 1:00PM. Match fees are $5.

SHOTGUN SIDE MATCH: No extra charge for those interested in shooting the "Shotgun Side Match" that we offer along with the 4th Sunday Steel Pistol competitions. We usually run 2 or 3 stages of shotgun after all the pistol shooting is complete, shooting at steel plates for a timed score. (No slugs, or buckshot please).

Steel Results
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Steel and 3-Gun 2017-05-28.txt
steel 2017-02-26.txt
Steel 2016-05-22.html
steel 2016-01-24.html

SHOOTER'S COURTESY: Shooters are encouraged to help the Range Officers score, set-up steel plates, and pick up brass/mags for the shooters. This common practice among competitive shooters allows the match to run smoothly and finish quickly.


CRSSA STEEL matches are operated on a "COLD RANGE". This means that you may holster your unloaded firearm at your vehicle or keep cased until a Range Officer can show you to a "Safe Area" where you may holster your gun. You may load your magazines/clips but may NOT put the magazine/clip in your gun. ALL shooters MUST keep gun unloaded AND holstered at all times until Range Officer allows you to do otherwise.