Cross Roads Sports Shooting Association

High Power Rifle

CRSSA High Power Rifle matches are NRA-Approved. We use the NRA rules, scoring and classification systems. The high-power rifle tournament that we sponsor is shot on a 100-yard course. Competitors can use any service rifle or center-fire rifle with metallic sights, and two magazines capable of holding not less than five rounds. A sling, mat, and spotting scope are recommended.

The course of fire will be: (all courses on this tournament will be fired at 100 yards.)

Ammunition: Bring at least 70 rounds. 10 will be for sighters, 50 will be for score. Highest possible score 500 points. X's will be used to determine tie-breaker. Always bring extra ammo in case you have a defective cartridge.

If you would like to compete and have never fired this course before, arrangements can be made to practice on a date before the match. It is recommended that you bring water and eye protection.

Check schedule for match dates. Entries close at 8:30 AM. Firing begins at 9:00AM Match fees are $10. $5 for juniors (under 20 years of age) $4.50 is mailed to NRA.